August 18, 2008

BCK08 : Parker girl

And now about the Parker girl with the Waterman smile !

Before I started writing these scraps, I just checked her introduction (in the BCK08 attendees list). Oh.. she is not blogging yet ! May be , she is busy doing something better !! Yeah.. I now know … She is busy with her passionate “ IT’s Life” ( IT’s life, a tabloid exclusively for the IT professionals ) .  

Lincy lost her Parker pen in the unconference hall. She did tell us that she had a great sentimental attachment to that pen ( I heard someone screaming… boy friend gave it.. No, but her brother gave it, she clarified.). We are all sorry for that.

The most memorable about Lincy is her smile. She has a Waterman smile ! *    Keep smiling Lincy….  and  start your blog .. right now ! ... and make the blog out of your life (or vice versa ?) !!

Lincy, did you get your Parker pen ? If YES, I am too happy. If NO, ...… ? OK , let’s pray for a quick and safe return of that pen. If you still didn’t get it, take it as IT’s life.

What are you dreaming of now, Lincy ?

{ * Waterman is the BEST pen in the world, known for its distinctive vibrant personal style )

Oh.. I forgot to tell you. The pictures above shows 'Lincy with the uncles'.

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