August 18, 2008

BCK08 : Anurag Ojha

Ooojha…. Oooojha … Yes, now I am calling you, Anurag Ojha. 
‘Ojha’, to me is a very well known name. It's in my heart. Sri. Chaman Lal Ojha ( just ‘Oja’ to us ), is my colleague. We were in the same Project. He was senior to me (in age and position) , but my close friend. He was Project Director of a project called “Rohini Sounding Rockets” of the Indian Space Research Organisation, Trivandrum). He is now retired, and is busy with his domestic affairs. I met him a month ago, at my place. 

Yeah.. Anurag, how's your studies? Doing well? Anyway… please concentrate in your studies. Wishing you all the best .. 

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